Where is Europe is a project that aims to explore narratives of the European Identity. As the EU, as institution is being criticized so is Europe. Western European politicians are campaigning for their countries to leave Europe, while the mean leave the EU. As the two dimensions, EU and Europe, have become fluent in their meaning in West-European public debate. Europe needs new narratives,  which are stronger than politics or bureaucracy and does right to the European region, from West to East and North to South. Narratives that consists of its citizens stories, experiences and history. The colonist history, the violent history and also the history of brave citizens trying to make life better step by step.

The first areas of Europe that are highlighted are the Baltics, Central Europe, the Balkans and Eastern Europe. A journey through these states led to a series of stories, interviews and conversations with local entrepreneurs, artists, citizens and politicians in search for the meaning of Europe in Eastern-Europe. One question remains central in these areas: How can we overcome nationalism and foster European solidarity? 


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Liza Saris 



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