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Hi, I'm Liza Saris

From unraveling the mysteries of European identity to coordinating international social impact projects,  I turn ambitious ideas into compelling projects. I’m driven by my curiosity and interest in civil society and public policy. I find energy and joy in making connections, building networks and bringing together communities and stakeholders to drive social change. Currently, I'm closely following the developments in AI as our offline struggles for equality, human rights and a strong civil society, are just as relevant online.

Holding roles as a facilitator, project manager,  activist, and researcher, I've gained wide experience in supporting movements in civil society.  With my hands-on attitude, I empower, mobilize and connect people. I thrive in new challenges, building communities, coordinating long-term strategies, and building projects from scratch. My generalist knowledge allows to me to quickly dive into new issues and topics. 

I grew up in Amsterdam, lived in Berlin, and finally in 2022 moved to Barcelona where I'm currently residing. Take a look at 'projects' for an overview of my project portfolio and at the 'Blog' page for my published articles. 

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I believe that enabling people to become active citizens and do good in the world, is the key to building a strong civil society.

I support projects and ideas to reach their goals without losing sight of the process. In this way, we can maximize the impact of the project, not only by looking at the results but also by learning during the process. 

I get energized by conversations about (European) democracy, (online) civil society, national identities, migration, and citizenship. 

It's with my positive attitude that I mobilize and connect people. I get excited by multicultural environments, political activism, and organizing grassroots communities.


With my capacity to learn new skills and topics quickly , I've been able to connect to many different issues related to the development of civil society. 


Community building

Production (event & project)

Strategy Advice

Project coordination

(policy) Research



Project process development

Strategic campaigning

Application/fundraising writing

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