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SHIFT! Actions for migrating perspectives

A collaboration between initiatives, editors and journalists who research narratives around migrants in the European Media and critique the current power structures in our information ecosystem.

Community building


Project coordination

(policy) Research

This publication was produced during a three-week pop up editorial event in Amsterdam focusing on the decolonisation of newsrooms and exploring innovative reporting standards related to refugees, minorities and immigrants in Europe. The people and initiatives featured in SHIFT have set themselves apart through their independent reporting on asylum, immigrant and the media, providing invaluable insights and models of good practice.

The publication was launched in Amsterdam at Pakhuis de Zwijger on 12 May 2023 hosted by Here to Support. I played a major role in the community development (featured in the book), in organising and moderating the city assemblies which let to the policy and tools recommendations featured in the publication.
As project manager I produced and curated the program for the 2-day international conference hosted in Amsterdam Pakhuis de Zwijger where we launched the publication.

SHIFT! The magazine in the making. What does a decolonized newsroom mean and how does it look like?

Video by Shivani Hassard

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