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New Europeans

As part of the Dutch presidency of the EU, for 6-months the New Europeans created interventions, events and journalism on the subject of Europe with an outside exhibition space.

Production (event & project)

Project process development

Composed of twelve “creators and thinkers” New Europeans was assembled to make a series of artistic interventions, events and journalism on the subject of Europe, with an exhibition space situated just outside the Marineterrein, where EU-summits would be held.
I assisted the twelve creators and thinkers with research into Europe, the EU, identity and relatable topics. I also supported with the organised events with inviting and proposing guests in the field, production tasks and I drafted the reports for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Conversations with Fanon

I supported artist Waèl El Allouche in making a podcast series with dialogues about the important book, Black Skin White Masks by Franz Fanon.

You can listen to the conversations.

Freedom dinner: Freedom and Colonies

I supported Devika Partiman ( currently founder of the impactful campaign Vote for a Woman) with the production of the Freedom dinner in commemmoration of the liberation of the Netherlands, while reflecting on the oppression still happing in the Dutch colonies at that time. We invited inpactful speakers like Mitchel Esajas (The Black Archives), Tanja Jadnanansing (Member of Parliament), Chiara de Cesari and Nancy Jouwe (UvA professors European Studies).

While on May 5, 1945 we were freed from our occupier, we ourselves were still the occupier of many other parts of the world. Come eat with us at the Freedom Meal and converse with us on Europe’s hidden colonial history of occupation, liberation and migration. Together, we try to find an answer to the question: what freedom are we really celebrating?

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