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Amsterdam Centre for European Studies

Centre of Excellence for research and public debate about Europe and the European Union.

Production (event & project)

Project coordination

Project process development

ACES is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence on contemporary Europe, the European Union, and its member states located at The University of Amsterdam. ACES addresses major societal challenges as they play out in a European context. Research themes range from environmental sustainability to promoting economic growth and from migration and integration to privacy and surveillance.

My role was to support, curate, and advise on organising academic debate series, manage communication, and support the Centre’s researchers. I was responsible for all online communication. I developed the new lay-out for the website, the centres brand-management and strategic outreach in the University.
My largest contribution was single-handedly leading the adaptation of the centre’s programme to an online format in March 2020. One of the successes of this period has been the ‘Decolonising Europe’ lecture series which gathered more than 4000 participants and the 'Virtual Visions of Europe' lecture series with key-note speakers as Prof. Luiza Bialasiewicz, Tony Agotha (diplomatic adviser European Green Deal EC), Mark Leonar (director of the European Council on Foreign Relations).

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